Leo’s Services

As our service builds, we’ll be offering more supportive services to care for pregnancy and baby loss families. Please take a look below to see what we can currently offer.

Peer Support

When families refer in, they often ask us, what is peer support and do I need it?

Peer support is being cared for by one of our mentors who have lived experience of pregnancy or baby loss, either themselves, or within their family. Now, they want to support families just like theirs. Having your feelings and experiences heard in a safe supportive space, can be so very supportive.

They understand the range of emotions you may be feeling. They are extremely empathic, and have dedicated training from our team here. Alongside this they also have specialist bereavement training to support families in as many ways as they can.

Sometimes, this may just be as simple as offering you the space to talk freely about how you may be feeling without any judgement, coming to your home to see you, supporting you back to work, helping facilitate any hopsital or medical appointments you may need, helping you meet other families locally to build your support network, and so much more.

Perinatal Loss Counselling and Trauma Service

Our dedicated Perinatal Loss Counselling and Trauma service offers a wide range of support for families.

Our BACP registered therapists have extensive experience in working with perinatal, neonatal and bereaved families. Both here at Leo’s, or within their private work, or their main counselling jobs. Their focus is solely on helping a parent get to where they want to be.

They offer person-centered counselling in hospital trauma, neonatal trauma, birth trauma, triggers, diagnosis,  investigations, birth and hospital admission reflections, going back to work, loss of identity and so much more.

Our therapists cover both Leo’s and Leo’s Perinatal families, and have been hand picked to ensure the most nurturing support is given.

Our peer support mentors work in collaboration with our therapists in what we call ‘wrap around care’. This allows families to utilise their counselling sessions to process any trauma or experiences, while our mentors are on hand to help with the day to day support.

The types of counselling we offer include, person centered talking therapy, Flash Technique, High CBT, Creative Therapies and EMDR.